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Magic shoes and Coffee Blue’s

Well, I recently learnt a harsh lesson in not re-purposing old coffee mugs as paint water pots yesterday. I was rather engrossed in my most recent shoe paint and was rather put out by taking a big glug of muddy, paint filled water over the expected delicious, hot taste of coffee (aka my elixir of life!).

┬áThat particular incident aside, most of my work recently has been really enjoyable. I’ve noticed that this months projects have all had a bit of a theme in common, yet they are still very different pieces. It’s once again made me think how much I enjoy the endless possibilities of the work I get to do. ┬áThis month’s subject appears to be ‘magic, fantasy and whimsy’ (isn’t whimsy just a wonderful word! I am absolutely in love with the current fairy shoes I’m painting, I decided to paint flower fairies each representing the different seasons and have grown quite attached to them! I think they will be quite hard to part with!

Tanzanite Butterfly Seasonal Flower Fairy hand painted wedding shoes

I’ve also been doing a few more children’s shoes, unicorns are really on trend at the moment and so I’ve tried my hand at a very flowery, rainbow splattered pair of unicorn hi-tops. Aside from giving myself some rather fetching rainbow coloured freckles from flicking paint at them, I’m also going to go crazy with glitter and gems, because, honestly what’s a unicorn without a bit of sparkle?!

Tanzanite Butterfly Hand Painted Unicorn shoes

Lastly, in keeping with all that is enchanting, I’ve been working on a pair of Harry Potter themed shoes as a gift for a friend! They are SO much fun.

Hogwarts at night Tanzanite Butterfly hand painted Harry Potter wedding shoes

I’ve been thinking off the back of this about all of the fabulous wedding ‘themes’ I’ve seen and heard of recently! Whilst I love the idea of just letting your tastes dictate what you want and not choosing any one motif, I also ADORE those who go all out and decide to embrace an all encompassing theme for their day. My work often means I get to play to and I’ve heard of all sorts, from Disney , Marvel Lego, all that is South Africa, a killer Walking Dead wedding and even Dinosaurs. As great as tradition is, I love that weddings have evolved to include the wacky and fun – I’m also amazed at peoples’ creativity in making everything from their centrepieces to their shoes fall in line with their theme whilst still looking beautiful, classy and clever.

Is anyone else a fan of wedding day themes?

What is the wackiest wedding theme you’ve ever heard of? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


Lots of Love,



Tanzanite Butterfly Hand Painted Shoes


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