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Feel the Fear and Shoe it Anyway!

Well, firstly, a big ol’ Thank You for visiting Tanzanite Butterfly’s latest venture in to the big wide world of the web, secondly, thank you for continuing to read despite the horrifying pun in the title (sorry). I created this site and now this blog with a hope to have a ‘base camp’ for all the information any one could need if they are looking for a pair of amazing, unique and personalised custom wedding shoes – I also hope to have a bit of fun as well!

I braved my abject fear of technology to put this together – I’ve definitely felt some nerves in putting my work out there but dammit, if I don’t love a challenge. Doing something that scares you (even just a litte bit) is great. It shows passion because despite the fear you want to push through, run with your idea and do it anyway

I think wedding planning often throws fear our way. Of course are the (very common) cold feet type anxieties but they are pretty deep and personal for this post, so I’m talking about the ones that might live alongside them, the myriad of other smaller questions and worries, more specific to wedding planning, whizzing about making even the most confident of ladies (or gentlemen!) stop in their tracks and wonder “Hmm, should I?”. I see so many brides concerned about what certain people will think on the day.

“Should I have covered my tattoos?” (no! – not unless you wanted to!), “Will people like the invites I’ve researched, backbreakingly assembled and stamp licked to tongue cramp levels never before thought* possible?” or even the introverts arch nemises “Arggh, everyone’s eyes will be on me!” – Let yourself freak out a little, it’s ok!

The reason for all these wobbles is because you care so much! Obviously not everyone worries about those little things but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a bride who at some stage hasn’t had a single wedding hiccup or at the very least had someone pass comment on their plans for the day – (If you are one of those super confident chilled out brides – awesome -send any tips my way!)

I think the reason is that a wedding involves putting your own personal tastes, loves, and story out there for all to see, it’s an intimate declaration of love that showcases who you are as a couple but done in a very public way – you know who you are but showing that to all friends and family in an industry often dogged by tradition and expectation can be hardwork- I love my work as I get to see so many beautiful, fun and creative ways couples want to make the day theirs- some casting off tradition with abandon, with others just tweaking it to give a twist on “something old”.

Hearing your love stories, your hopes and dreams helps me override any fear I may have and instead fills me with a happiness, a joy at being able to help (albeit in a small way with my shoes) someone to place their own personal stamp on their day – I think what I’m trying to say is do it YOUR way, be subtle or be barefaced, be quirky, be a big glitter covered rainbow of a bride if that’s what makes you happy. Feel the fear of saying, “Yeah, this is what I love, this is the couple you have come to celebrate today – this is us on a plate” – judgements may come but ultimately, I think everyone is a little bit envious of those who choose their way and make it look like there was never other option for them! When you see your wedding photos in many years to come – look back and see a kick ass, fearless attitude smiling back at you, I guarantee you won’t see uncertainty or anxiety in your photos, you’ll just see you- and hopefully a cheeky little pair of hand painted shoes that helped bring a little bit more of you to the day!

So, I’m following my own advice, embracing any fear I might feel and pushing on. Going for what I want and I’ll tell you a secret, it feels pretty darn sweet. So for those of you who are already there and ready to choose what makes them happy, awesome, and for those of you who are gearing up to do it, take that leap, Sinatra the heck out of your wedding (and life) and do it your way…

2 (2)As well as the website launching, even more top notch news came in discovering my colourful, sunflower, camper van shoes were featured on the rather lovely blog, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – the shoes were so much fun to do and featured the couples very own camper van and their adorable pet spaniel – both of which joined them on their rather fabulous sounding honeymoon around Europe! Whimsical Wonderland Weddings is an awesome site for those of you looking to for a bit of visual wedding inspiration – absolutely gorgeous images featuring real life couples and loads of ideas for you to make your own! Thanks to feeling the fear (and asking nicely!) Tanzanite Butterfly now has it’s very own shiny, new (and hopefully first of many!) ‘featured on’ badge!


Lots of Love,


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